Print it like a t-shirt with transfer-technic.


The LUCKY BEETLE armbag has at the frontsite a deco-surface made of cotton or polyester-fabric, which you can print like a t-shirt with transfer-technic.
Films-, flock-, screenprint-, offset-, sublimations-, hotfix strasses-transfer ... everything is possible! Hufnagel-Design offers therefore plain blanco-armbags with uni-colour front in black or white from 500 pieces on.


selber drucken



Own designs or spezial making-ups in small editions, with transfer-technic printed quickly on the bags – so you are able to react flexible to current events.



Now, for a short time, we have a special action for introducing.
You get armbags for the transfer-print from 50 pieces on, to check it.

You can order 50 blanco-armbags in a counter-display with a wrap packaging for dispatch.



... and how it works, the transfer-print:

taschen bedruckenFor printing, the deco-surface will be simply pulled straightly over the stretch-tool
(order-code: HZT-1).
This stretch-tool with the pulled-off armbag you now can easily lay on the underplate from your excisting transfer-press.
In case of bigger editions, it would be worth, to fix it instead of the underplate directly at your transfer-press.

Now you put your transfer-picture on the deco-surface of the armbag and apply your design with heat and pressure on the material. After that, pull off the carrying paper and your individual printed armbag is ready!


You need the stretch-tool for the printing of the armbag with transfer-print.
Size of this tool: 31 cm long, coming up conical, maximum 12 cm broad.
Consisting of aluminium with silicon on the surface.